Just Kids
Who are we ?

Who We Are

Lovers, models, photography adventurers!
We draw our inspiration from a variety of sources with a strong emphasis on fashion and nature
Our trips, night conversations, bliss and mutual love inspired the creation of Just Kids
We enjoy experimenting with different photography equipment to produce creative and unique images
A growing desire to find a creative outlet to express our curiosity and ourselves led us to explore different topics through photography and modeling

What We Do

We combined our personalities and ideas to delve into different themes such as:

Fashion: Lookbook is a compilation of our fashion, styling and vision. The idea is to provide other couples with guidance to help shape their look
Alliances: In Photos you can discover our artistic collaboration with models, stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists whose goals are consistent with ours (Section in progress – stay posted for updates)
Lifestyles: We enjoy sharing with you glimpses from our everyday lives, travels and other life inspirations in the section titled Daily

Our Projects

We hope to collaborate with different kinds of artists, striking personalities, mad beauties, weirdos, Cinderellas, androgynous, animal cruelty-free stylists, strong men/women, florists and anyone else who wants to take part in our universe

Francis Monier
Agency model, developer and photographer
Marine Di Lena
Freelance model and stylism